If you're not F1rst you're Last


If you're not F1rst you're Last


Established in 2012, F1RST FENCE has grown from a small 3 person company to the Premier fencing company in Atlantic Canada.  By specializing in all aspects of the fencing world, F1RST FENCE is the leading supplier of fence for events and construction inside and out of the HRM.  We cater to everyone, providing the fencing for the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon, TD Bank's Jazzfest, Capefest, all HRM City events, Antigonish Highland Games and concerts such as AC/DC, Metallica, Sir Paul McCartney and much more.  Our event and permanent crews can   build any site, on any terrain and can also assist in site design and planning.



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Here at F1RST FENCE we understand how important it is to have a reputable company do work for you. Nobody wants to pay for incomplete or sub-standard work.  Our services are 100% guaranteed to meet your quality standards and we will not leave until you are satisfied.

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Our Team



David MacKay

David has been involved in the fence business since 2007.  He was instrumental in the growth and development of another successful Fence Rental company for a National Company in Atlantic Canada.  He resigned from that company in 2010 to operate his own franchise for the 1-800-GOT-JUNK company in Nova Scotia; which is still operating successfully under his guidance to this day.  In 2012, David created F1RST FENCE and since then the company has achieved over 50% of the temporary fence rental business in Atlantic Canada.



Operations Manager

Chris Albrecht

Chris focuses on all the aspects of fencing that involve event, commercial and residential fencing.  Whether that’s building concert sites, digging holes for chainlink or cutting wood for privacy fences and decks he can do it all.  Chris has managed F1RST FENCE since 2012 and has built a reputation as one of the most reliable, efficient and friendly people to work with in the business. Being only 28 and having 9 years of managerial experience Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table.  Smart, Friendly, and Reliable, he embodies everything F1RST FENCE represents.