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Temporary Fencing for Job Sites and Events

Meet Safety Regulations • Control Flow of Traffic • Ensure Safe and Successful Event

Do You Know What You Need?

  • Not sure what kind of fence you need?
  • How much fence do you need?
  • What areas actually need fencing?
  • Where are the entrance/ exit points going to be?
  • Are all of the bylaws being met?

If you have a fence problem, we have the solution.

How to Get a Temporary Fence

Reach Out

You should ave the class-leading fence in security for your site. Give us a call or use the form below.

Free Site Consultation

Get exactly the right fence. If you are unsure of how many linear feet you need we will meet with you to assess.

Done in 36 Hours

You will receive a quote with a time to set up the fence. Your fence can be installed within 36 hours.

Our experts can guide you to the right fence choice for your job or event.

Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon

Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon has been working with First Fence for several years. Their resourcefulness and commitment to job quality has delivered numerous process improvements to Blue Nose, far beyond simply being a fencing provider. First fence has become a valued and trusted member of our Team and take a leadership role in finding solutions for a range of challenges relating to access control, perimeter set ups, signage work-arounds. We are proud to have First Fence as a partner and are delighted to recommend First Fence and their team of pros.

Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon
Elizabeth Green

As an event planner, I have had many opportunity to work with FIRST FENCE. It’s always a positive experience as their team goes the extra mile every time and will often jump in and assist with the unexpected. They have a great “can do” attitude and work on time and budget as part of our event team!

Wendy Levy, President Innovative Planning Inc.
Maritime Race Week

F1RST FENCE team comes prepared - big trucks and measuring tapes! They’ve handled our fencing for 4 years - top notch crew.

Maritime Race Week

What Kind of Fence Am I Getting?

Our temporary fencing system meets all your requirements for site safety and security. Our dark red steel fence panels are 9.5 feet in length and available in heights of 4, 6, and 8 feet. These panels are built strong and stable to provide class-leading security in the fence rental industry.

The fence panel’s frame is custom engineered structural steel square tubing with wired mesh welded on the inside. The footing to support these panels is a solid metal base plate with a square round locking system yellow in colour for safety purposes. These bases can be anchored to the ground for extra stability. The cap to keep these panels together is an interlocking steel cap to strengthen the alignment and stability of the fence. Our fence rental system can be installed as free standing fence panels, anchored or secured and modified for the custom needs of each application and event.

F1RST FENCE has years of experience setting up temporary fence and the expertise to make sure the job is done right. Our fencing system can be used in exterior and interior areas, the ground types can vary from hard surface – concrete and asphalt to soft surface – grass and uneven terrain.

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