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Temporary & Permanent Fence Solutions

Commercial • Events • Construction • Residential

Fences for every job, site and terrain.

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Temporary Fences

Meet all of your safety and security requirements with our temporary fencing. Our temporary fence panels can be used for interior and exterior use, on soft or hard surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, grass or uneven terrain.


Permanent Fences

Set the mood, change an entrance, or provide a beautiful backdrop for landscaping with a permanent fence. Can also be used to control those strong Atlantic winds and protect your property.

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"Amazing and professional fencing crew!"

Michelle Kempton

What Makes F1RST FENCE So Different?

F1RST FENCE is here to guide you through all the services and solutions you may need when it comes to fences or decks. F1RST FENCE has the knowledge to answer all of your questions thoughtfully and provide intelligent solutions, as well as extensive experience with solving problems faced during events such as concerts.

F1RST FENCE will ask you about the site location you wish to have the fence or deck, if the job requires an initial site visit it will be free of charge, then you will receive a quote with the details of your fence or deck project as well as a timeline, with setup for temporary fencing usually being completed within 36 hours.

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  • Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon

    Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon has been working with First Fence for several years. Their resourcefulness and commitment to job quality has delivered numerous process improvements to Blue Nose, far beyond simply being a fencing provider. First fence has become a valued and trusted member of our Team and take a leadership role in finding solutions for a range of challenges relating to access control, perimeter set ups, signage work-arounds. We are proud to have First Fence as a partner and are delighted to recommend First Fence and their team of pros.

    Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon

  • Innovative Planning Inc.

    As an event planner, I have had many opportunity to work with FIRST FENCE. It’s always a positive experience as their team goes the extra mile every time and will often jump in and assist with the unexpected. They have a great “can do” attitude and work on time and budget as part of our event team!

    Wendy Levy, President
    Innovative Planning Inc.

  • Maritime Race Week

    F1RST FENCE team comes prepared - big trucks and measuring tapes! They’ve handled our fencing for 4 years - top notch crew.

    Maritime Race Week

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